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Torn Paradise 
Film Festival



Poster, Festival Catalog, Soundtrack, Website, Merchandise, Smartphone App,Advertising, DVD Set, Business System


Print, UI/UX, Environmental Graphics, Book, Branding, Visual System


Selecting a film director and creating a film festival based on their film themes. Develop a consistent visual system to be applied across a series of deliverables.


The festival design draws inspiration from the provocative and controversial nature of Larry Clark's movies, which often revolve around troubled youth. The aim is to create a design that exudes an unapproachable, dangerous, and damaged vibe, sparking curiosity and discussion.



Taking cues from urban life, particularly the narrative told by stains and grime on building walls, I chose this as a thematic inspiration. Utilizing photographs of San Francisco building walls, I crafted textures that resonate with Larry Clark's storytelling. Each deliverable puts Larry Clark's films at the forefront, incorporating textures to evoke a distinct atmosphere. In line with the honesty depicted in Clark's movies, the festival kit is straightforward, featuring elements the director favors—cigarettes and alcohol.

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