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Torn Paradise 
Film Festival



Poster, Festival Catalog, Soundtrack, Website, Merchandise, Smartphone App,

Advertising, DVD Set, Business System


Print, UI/UX, Environmental Graphics

Book, Branding, Visual System


Selecting a film director and creating a film festival based on their film themes. Develop a consistent visual system to be applied across a series of deliverables.


Larry Clark's movies are always controversial and have a theme of troubled youth. So I based this festival design direction on something unapproachable, dangerous, damaged, controversial and creating design that raises question. 



I used urban building walls as inspiration because stains and grime tell a story and it made sense with the story that Larry Clark tells us in all of his movies. It's nothing beautiful, but it's honest and that's real life.

Using urban life as my main inspiration, I gathered photographs of San Francisco building walls and made textures based on these. Using Larry Clark's films as the main hero of each deliverable, I added texture to create a feel and hold all the different images together. Since Larry Clark's movies are nothing but honest, the kit that I created for this film festival is straightforward, with products that Larry Clark loves most, cigarettes and alcohol.



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