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Case Study

This page provides a window into the diverse case studies encapsulating my journey as a UI/UX Designer. From project inception through design to validation, I've been a one-person team, personally shaping every aspect of the user experience.

During my internship, I also collaborated in a dynamic duo, adding a layer of shared creativity to one of the projects. Each case study shares the unique challenges, lessons learned, and creative insights from my solo exploration and collaborative endeavors.

Join me in navigating through these stories, showcasing the diverse facets of my UI/UX journey. Thank you for taking a stroll through my portfolio.



Truvino is a user-friendly platform that simplifies the wine selection process for beginners. Truvino aims to make wine buying less overwhelming and more exciting, guiding users to find their ideal wine for every occasion.


Revamping a recipe app for enhanced user-friendliness and intuitiveness.



Social event app that facilitates discovering local events based on users' interests, connecting with like-minded individuals nearby, and offering incentives to boost event attendance.


PetSwapp creates a community of pet owners, connecting them to take care of each other’s pets when needed.

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