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Miki Restaurant
Happy Hour! 



Happy Hour Menu Collaterals





Create deliverables for Miki Japanese Restaurant Happy Hour.



This traditional Japanese restaurant offers three main things to be sold during their happy hour: Beer, sake, and Japanese appetizers.
So, I created a visual system to represent the restaurant's traditional value but still in a fun way.



Highlight Miki Japanese Restaurant's unique appetizers as a distinctive selling point by integrating illustrative elements into the visual system. Craft bespoke illustrations showcasing the artistry and delectability of these appetizers, creating an immediate connection with the audience. Employ a harmonious blend of traditional Japanese design elements, such as subtle patterns or iconic symbols, to pay homage to the restaurant's heritage.

Use a vibrant color palette to evoke a lively and upbeat atmosphere, aligning with the happy hour concept. Ensure that the illustrations not only represent the appetizers accurately but also convey a sense of the restaurant's dedication to culinary excellence. This approach aims to leverage the visual appeal of Miki Japanese Restaurant's unique offerings, making the Happy Hour experience visually enticing and memorable for patrons.

The dumpling photo is taken from and photographed by Charles Deluvio. 

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