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Datadog Bits Stickers


Hyun Auh, Eunmo Kang, Nathan Manire




I undertook the delightful task of modifying Datadog's beloved mascot, Bits, to cater to various teams and purposes while ensuring the essence of Bits remained intact. Working within the creative confines of preserving the character's core identity, I crafted unique iterations such as New Year Bits, People Ops Bits, Rosie the Riveter Bits, Halloween Bits, Event Bits and more. These modified illustrations served as vibrant elements across our digital landscape—from engaging social media posts and eye-catching email banners to charming postcards and ubiquitous stickers.


The joy and positivity generated by these iterations extended beyond the digital realm, bringing smiles to our internal team and leaving a lasting impression on external visitors attending office meetings. This project, marked by its creativity and playfulness, not only showcased the versatility of Bits but also underscored the impact of thoughtful design in fostering a lively and enjoyable workplace atmosphere.



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