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Boreas Rebrand


Print, UI/UX, Environmental Graphics, Book, Branding, Visual System


Brand Book and Brand Products








Revitalize a dying or defunct brand by repositioning and expanding its identity, introducing new extensions to attract a broader demographic while preserving its original essence.



Utilizing America's national parks as a visual theme, Boreas, an adventure outdoor backpack brand in San Francisco, transforms. The concept aims to evoke emotions, instilling a desire in people to explore the outdoors using Boreas's products.



Aligning with Boreas's belief in enabling exploration, the tagline "Adventure Unknown" is rephrased to "Collide with Nature," infusing a bold essence with shock value. The primary brand extension involves creating a smartphone app catering to the modern world's needs. Additionally, new product offerings reinforce Boreas's identity as an adventure outdoor company, enhancing its value in the market.


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