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Boreas Rebrand



Print, UI/UX, Environmental Graphics

Book, Branding, Visual System


Brand Book and Brand Prodcuts


Select a brand that is dying, defunct or dead and identify its essence. Revive the brand by repositioning and expanding the new brand’s identity and creating new extensions that open the company to a whole new demographic while still remaining true to its original soul.



I tried to utilize America's greatest treasure: its national park and put it as visual direction for Boreas, an adventure outdoor packs brand based in San Francisco. The new brand direction tries to evoke people's emotion and create desire for them to go outside and use Boreas's product.



Boreas believes that their product will help people to go explore the world so I tweak their original tagline "Adventure Unknown" to be "Collide with Nature" to give Boreas more boldness essence and creating shock value to its target audiences.

For the primary brand extension, I create a deliverable that they should have in this ever-changing world, a smartphone app. And to further Boreas' strength, I use product that will strengthen Boreas' value as an adventure outdoor company.

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